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Women's tank top, Made in France, lasting comfort and quality

Our women's tank top Les Tricots Marcel

The Les Tricots Marcel women's tank top is carefully made in our workshops near Lyon. It embodies the perfect fusion of utility and style. Our sleeveless tank tops are true wardrobe chameleons, designed to adapt with ease to all seasons.

In summer, they are perfect on the skin, under the sun on the beach or for a casual outfit in the city. In winter, they serve as extra layers, providing warmth and comfort under a sweater or jacket. Our women's tank tops are versatile and suitable for all seasons, for all genders and all occasions.

These women's tank tops are more than just fashion items. They are the result of an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. By choosing a women's tank top from Tricots Marcel, you are opting for clothing that promotes well-being.

These sleeveless pieces are made from soft, breathable cotton, offering a soft feeling to the touch. The timeless cut not only ensures optimal comfort but also an elegant look that crosses trends.

Heritage and know-how of Roanne in women's tank tops

Roanne, cradle of the French textile industry, is recognized for its know-how in the manufacture of superior quality clothing. The women's tank top, born from this rich heritage, embodies the very essence of the region's textile tradition.

These sleeveless garments are the result of a fascinating history. It begins with Marcel Eizenberg, a name now synonymous with innovation in the world of knitting. Reinvented in 2019, our women's tank top perpetuates the heritage of quality and authenticity, adding modern touches that appeal to a contemporary clientele.

Cultural impact and stylistic evolution of the women's tank top

Women's sleeveless tank top is very popular in the fashion world. It is loved by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

From silver screens to haute couture fashion shows, the women's tank top has won the hearts of connoisseurs. It symbolizes chic and relaxed fashion, a balance sought by many. The women's tank top is an essential element of the modern wardrobe. He can adapt and innovate while remaining true to himself.

Quality and durability: the commitments of Les Tricots Marcel women’s tank tops

Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in every women's tank top we produce. Pima cotton, one of the most popular fibers in the world, is at the heart of our creations.

This cotton is known for its fiber length, softness and strength. It is also grown in an environmentally friendly way, which gives our women's tank tops an ecological dimension.

Each piece offers comfort and elegance, suitable for different styles and occasions, from casual to formal.

Responsible and local manufacturing in France

Les Tricots Marcel makes women's tank tops with integrity. They take into account the origin and manufacturing ethics of the clothing. This meets the demands of an increasingly attentive world.

The manufacturing of our sleeveless tank tops supports local craftsmanship and the local economy, reinforcing the authenticity of our brand. By wearing a women's tank top from the Les Tricots Marcel brand, you support responsible fashion. You are participating in a story of passion and French know-how.

We pay attention to the small details. The seams are reinforced and the edges are ribbed. This allows your women's tank top to remain in good condition even after several washes.

Each tank top comes with a label bearing the name of the artisan who created it, adding a personal touch to each piece. It is a signature of the love and devotion we put into our work.

Fusion of craftsmanship and French elegance

The Marcel women's tank top is not just a simple piece of clothing, it is a work of textile art that embodies the essence of French elegance. It is the choice of those who value style, authenticity and fashion consciousness.

Our women's tank tops are versatile. They are suitable for summer or as underwear in winter. They adapt to your wardrobe and your lifestyle. They reflect a commitment to fashion that honors tradition while embracing the future.

By choosing a sleeveless tank top from Tricots Marcel, you are choosing a garment designed to last, which combines aesthetics and ethics. You choose a piece that speaks to who you are and what you value. With a women's tank top from our collection, you don't just wear a piece of clothing; you are making a statement.

Our women's tank tops

Our collection of women's tank tops is designed to provide everyday comfort and versatility. Perfect to be worn as underwear under a less comfortable sweater or simply to relax at home, these tank tops are real essentials to improve your daily life. Made to be in direct contact with your skin, the quality of each Marcel is paramount. This is why we are committed to using exclusively materials without toxic products, respectful of your skin and the environment. Available in a variety of colors and styles, our women's tank tops allow you to choose the perfect size and your favorite designs for years to come.

The Marcel tank top is frequently associated with the summer season thanks to its lightness. However, it is incredibly versatile and comes in handy even on cooler days. Our basics, designed to be worn next to the skin, work perfectly on their own or as underwear. They are perfect to wear under a slightly transparent top or to add an extra layer of warmth during the winter time. Looking for a fit athletic basic for your next training? Have a look at the variety of items in our shop. All our products are easy care.

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Your most frequently asked questions

The tank top transforms your look both in summer and winter. Under a sweater or a shirt in winter cocooning mode, he plays the superhero of cozy warmth. And when the sun comes out, he plays the star of the summer: alone, proud and relaxed, he goes perfectly with your favorite jeans or Bermuda shorts for a cool vibe. Ditch the flip-flops or put on some white sneakers, and presto! You're ready to stroll with a look that screams "relaxed, but stylish"! A Marcel is the guarantee of a stylish and casual look for all occasions.

For a body-hugging look, simply follow our size guide to find your perfect match. If you prefer to play the ease card for king size comfort, we recommend that you opt for the larger size. This way, you have the choice: second skin version or great comfort, your style is expressed!

We only use cotton, but not just any cotton. Indeed there are big differences in terms of quality that you will notice after a few washes. At Les Tricots Marcel, we use Pima cotton. It is a super rare cotton, which cannot withstand treatment and is therefore hypoallergenic. In addition, it consumes much less water than classic cotton, which is great for the environment. But above all, it is incredibly soft and durable. And it remains that way wash after wash. Your Marcel tank top is therefore a companion for a long time.

Ah, the tank top! This ultra-light piece is a bit of a wardrobe ninja: discreet under other clothes, but always ready to ensure comfort. Imagine a fabric that plays like an acrobat, sleeveless and with the flexibility of a gymnast – it’s the tank top. And the Marcel then? It's the trendy cousin, sometimes nicknamed "tank top" because it shares the same passion for shoulder freedom. It slides under a sweater or shirt as easily as a cat under a ray of sunshine, but isn't afraid to show off solo for those who love casual-urban style. Very versatile, it is a favorite of athletes and a rising star of streetwear. Man, woman, everyone wears it, everyone loves it. From the sports field to the urban jungle, the Marcel is a must-have.