Our history

  Iconic first name of a French tank top: the Marcel tank top

Let's be clear, his name could not have been Bobby. Neither Steven nor Jimmy. As it hasn't occurred to anyone to rename Levi's "Jean-Michel", the first smart guy who attacks the Marcel tank top risks knowing what it's called. Because it is, par excellence, the tank top of self-confidence. But be careful, not the one who thinks she's the queen of oil and says "oh, who's the boss? » to all his peers. No, let's talk about quiet confidence, the one who assumes confidence in a relaxed class. Not in a “Marcel the Magnificent tank top”, but in a “Marcel the Magnificent tank top”, which does not crush, but disarms without bringing out the big artillery. Sober and straight in his Marcel sneakers. Moreover, with a whole French history behind him, he tells it to us without telling himself and returns to the front of a scene made for him: that of chic phlegm and elegant instinct. So go ahead, warm up Marcel (can I call you Marcel?), the one who will change your name was not born.

A popular story, a renaissance in full trend

In the 1860s, in the heart of the market halls of Paris, and at the mercy of icy drafts, the handlers, although physically very well placed in the food chain, were forced to wear big woolen sweaters to avoid not get a bad cold, and therefore die from it. One of these beautiful babies, attached to life but hampered in its movements, then decides to cut off its sleeves, giving birth, without knowing it, to the Tank Top dynasty. Which is not that of a child at heart.

Marcel Eisenberg, a hosier from Roanne, soon echoed this clothing revolution by mass producing this undershirt. Let’s call it…well…the Marcel tank top! Neither one nor two, it spreads like wildfire, from the pack of the poilus, to the first vacationers on the RN7, passing by the robust busts of all the blue-collar workers. And suddenly, bang-bang, you shot me down, it's panic, steam, erotic madness: Marlon Brandon turns it into a weapon of massive seduction, bringing in his wake a whole slew of very, very masculine males. With women comes, as often, consecration. Here they are adopting our Marcel tank top, without thinking of renaming it Marceline, to bite the dust on the tennis courts or knock out some bad-mood Alien. And between the Claudine collar and the Marcel tank top… Lara Croft made the right choice. In 1980, the Marcel tank top entered the dictionary, shortly before Etablissements Marcel were sacrificed on the altar of relocation. But here it is: since May 2019, we have, as die-hard Gauls and with a controlled roll of the dice, restarted the game. It is played in Roanne, always in Roanne, which carries within it the DNA of heritage and textile excellence. The know-how returns in silence but letting “Les Tricots Marcel” make the noise it deserves.

Débardeur marcel

No disposable clothes, an impeccable Marcel tank top

From our workshops emerge, heads held high, the worthy heirs of the Marcel tank top, for all those who claim a coolness without a doubt. Because “Les Tricots Marcel” ignores neither the qualitative requirement nor the style advantage, even less the respect for human resources. The manufacturing process is in line with that of luxury and haute couture. The seamstresses cut and make in the traditional way, using Pima cotton threads, only the spinning of which is carried out in Greece. “Marcel” transmission is ensured since the youngest are trained by the oldest. Knitting and dyeing are done in and around Roanne. Same fight regarding the labels or the “la Boîte à Marcel” packaging. Thus, by locating all the links in the production chain, we guarantee total traceability, and contribute to a more virtuous exchange model, respectful of people and their environment. In short, the past is good. Looking towards the future, it takes a turn full of style. That’s good, what we want is for you to look stylish in a Marcel tank top.

débardeur marcel homme et femme dans sa boite cadeau