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T-Shirts and Undershirts

T-shirts and undershirts made in France, unisex

Two essential pieces for your wardrobe

The Lucien Undershirt is the pillar of the ideal wardrobe. It plans everything with unerring precision and is now accompanied by another equally essential piece: our organic cotton T-shirt. Just like Lucien, this T-shirt stands out for its timelessness and indispensable character. It radiates natural finesse, integrating effortlessly into your daily life.

The Undershirt - Exceptional quality

Proud of its 100% Made In France origin, the Lucien Undershirt is the perfect ally for all your adventures. From outdoor hikes to urban escapes, under a shirt or just for comfort. Lucien promises warmth and impeccable thermal regulation.

Its fine rib structure gives it exceptional flexibility and elasticity. Its 190g/m2 ribbed Pima cotton composition ensures softness, no pilling, and unparalleled durability.

It is available in versions: Long sleeves or short sleeves.

The T-Shirt – The Alliance of style and responsible quality

And to enrich your experience, we offer you our round-neck T-shirt in organic cotton. A white, thick T-shirt, and just as eco-responsible. This T-shirt represents the natural extension of our commitment to sustainable and comfortable fashion. We offer a refreshing and robust alternative for those looking to combine style and environmental awareness.

100% Made in France and united

The T-shirt and the Undershirt are produced with the same care and the same know-how in the surroundings of Roanne, guaranteeing impeccable quality and ethics at each stage of their creation. Their packaging reveals the date of manufacture and the name of the dedicated craftsman, reinforcing the personal connection between you and these unique pieces.

The Lucien Undershirt and our new organic cotton T-shirt are intended to be unisex. They adapt to all wearing preferences: fitted, oversized, as underwear or as a top. Lucien is available in 3 colors and 4 adult sizes.

The short-sleeved T-shirt comes in pure white, evoking elegant simplicity and versatility. Together, they promise to satisfy all your fashion demands, enriching your wardrobe with style, durability and unrivaled comfort.