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Doble Skateboards et Marcel
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The Marcel Tank Top X DobleSkateboards

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Mixed Size

Mixed Male and Female

The Ollie Ollie Tank Top

100% Roanne collaboration and manufacturing

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Alone we are strong, together we go further. So there you have it… the Marcel X Doble Skateboards tank top is the pure product of a dopamine-fueled threesome. The protagonists ? Rest assured... good in all respects: carbon footprint ok, 100% French, and 100% Roanne. The Doble Skateboards brand firstly, created in Roanne in 2003 by Denis Noël, which is aimed at all uncles who love snowboarding with “Merde in France” boards with colorful graphics. Tough maple bikes for surfing the tarmac, gaping steps or roaming the French skateparks.

The graphic designer, illustrator and tattoo artist from Roanne Hellohellotheo then, who offers vibrant and light illustrations that spread cheerfulness as they pass by.

To finish, and have something to wear, the Marcel Tank Top, a traditional garment soft, silky, durable and comfortable ideal for the skaters' biotope. Made entirely of ribbed Pima cotton (190g/m2), a noble, healthy and organic material, it regulates body temperature, for street riders and bowl riders alike.

From this trio of creators was born the Marcel Afterwards… it’s up to you to avoid falls, zipettes and other faceplants. The Marcel X Doble Skateboard Tank Top is all about style, not board control. Nor wax.

The Marcel X Doble Skateboards Tank Top may skate the curve, but it walks in the virtuous ranks of Tricots Marcel. Its manufacturing, within a 5 km radius around Roanne, respects an Eco-responsible and supportive process. It is checked at each stage and bears on its label the date it was made as well as the name of the person who spent the most time making it.

Unisex, the Marcel X Doble Skateboards Tank Top can be worn fitted or oversized, as underwear or a little top. It is available in white and in 4 sizes. Warning: do not use it as a grip eraser.

Wash and iron your Marcel inside out with similar colors. Do not use a tumble dryer.

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