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Marcels tank tops

Marcel cotton tank tops, made in France, for Men, Women and Children

Tank tops are back in force with Les Tricots Marcel

With the first rays of sunshine, Roanne's tank tops prove to be essentials. Whether at the beach, in town or even at the office, these pieces have earned a special place in men's wardrobes. Long relegated to the background, they quickly became the essential fashion accessory for sunny days. Made from soft, breathable materials, these cotton tank tops combine comfort and aesthetics. Every year, Les Tricots Marcel celebrates these pieces with a vast, original and colorful collection, which brings a touch of freshness to the daily life of Madame or Monsieur.

The Renaissance of the Marcel Tank Top in Roanne

The Marcel tank top, also known as the "tank top" internationally, is making a significant return to Roanne. Marcel Eizenberg from Roanne was the first in the world to make this tank top. In 2019, we relaunched the production of the Véritable Débardeur Marcel in Roanne, perpetuating the tradition of Marcel Eizenberg. This sleeveless garment, inspired by the past, has become a must-have in the modern wardrobe by mixing tradition and modernity. It can be worn both as a garment in its own right and as underwear, under a shirt or a jacket. Exclusive to Roanne, the real Marcel tank top promises quality and authenticity to be your style ally.

Fashion Icons and the Marcel Tank Top

The tank top has become a must-have in the stars' wardrobe thanks to celebrities like Marlon Brando, Madonna, James Dean, Rihanna and Vanessa Paradis. These icons helped transform the Marcel tank top into a symbol of casual yet chic fashion. The tank top has evolved from its traditional role as underwear to that of a fashion icon celebrated by the stars, reflecting Tricots Marcel's commitment to revitalizing this traditional garment while modernizing it.

Exceptional Features of the Marcel Tank Top

Marcel tank tops from Tricots Marcel are made from high-quality, eco-responsible Pima cotton. With its ribbed texture and weight of 190g/m2, each tank top is durable, soft and comfortable. This sleeveless undershirt is designed to be flexible, breathable and to regulate body temperature, guaranteeing absolute well-being all year round. It is an inclusive piece of wearable art, suitable for all seasons and various occasions.

Unisex and Versatile Design

Each tank top is the result of exceptional attention and precision, reflecting the commitment and passion of its creators. Its versatile design suits everyone, affirming its status as a fashion chameleon for all tastes and shapes. Available in 12 bright colors and 5 sizes, it allows everyone to show their personality and diversity. It can be worn alone or with a shirt to create different styles, ranging from casual to formal, including more sporty looks.

Maintenance and Durability

The care taken in maintaining the Marcel tank top extends its lifespan while promoting ethical and environmentally friendly consumption. To keep your tank top in good condition, it is recommended to wash it inside out, avoid tumble drying and gently iron. These practices help preserve the beauty and durability of the garment, ensuring that it remains a favorite in your wardrobe for years to come.

A Symbol of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

The Marcel de Roanne tank top is more than just a piece of clothing. By combining timelessness and modernity, it celebrates sustainable fashion, personalized style and ethical commitment. Each piece is made locally, reflecting the values ​​of Made in France, and supports local artisans by promoting their know-how. Les Tricots Marcel is committed to protecting the environment by using recycled materials and adopting respectful production practices, making the Marcel tank top a conscious and responsible fashion choice.

Our tank tops

Marcel tank tops are essential for everyday life because they adapt to all situations. Wear them as underwear under an uncomfortable sweater or on their own when lounging around the house. They are essential to make your days more pleasant. In direct contact with your body and your skin, it is crucial to choose a quality Marcel. This is why we only use toxic-free materials that respect both the environment and your skin. Our men's tank tops come in multiple colors and styles, just choose the size that's right for you and select your favorites for years to come.

The Marcel tank top is often perceived as summer clothing because of its lightness. However, it is extremely versatile and useful even on cooler days. Our tank tops, designed to be worn close to the body, can be used alone or under other clothing. They are ideal if you have a slightly transparent top or if you want an extra layer to stay warm in winter

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Your most frequently asked questions

The tank top transforms your look both in summer and in winter. Under a sweater or a shirt in winter cocooning mode, he plays the superhero of cozy warmth. And when the sun comes out, he plays the star of the summer: alone, proud and relaxed, he goes perfectly with your favorite jeans or Bermuda shorts for a cool vibe. Ditch the flip-flops or put on some white sneakers, and presto! You're ready to stroll with a look that screams "relaxed, but stylish"! A Marcel is the guarantee of a stylish and casual look for all occasions.

For a body-hugging look, simply follow our size guide to find your perfect match. If you prefer to play the ease card for king size comfort, we recommend that you opt for the larger size. This way, you have the choice: second skin version or great comfort, your style is expressed!

We only use cotton, but not just any cotton. Indeed there are big differences in terms of quality that you will notice after a few washes. At Les Tricots Marcel, we use Pima cotton. It is a super rare cotton, which cannot withstand treatment and is therefore hypoallergenic. In addition, it consumes much less water than classic cotton, which is great for the environment. But above all, it is incredibly soft and durable. And it remains that way wash after wash. Your Marcel tank top is therefore a companion for a long time.

Ah, the tank top! This ultra-light piece is a bit of a wardrobe ninja: discreet under other clothes, but always ready to ensure comfort. Imagine a fabric that plays like an acrobat, sleeveless and with the flexibility of a gymnast – it’s the tank top. And the Marcel then? It's the trendy cousin, sometimes nicknamed "tank top" because it shares the same passion for shoulder freedom. It slides under a sweater or shirt as easily as a cat under a ray of sunshine, but isn't afraid to show off solo for those who love casual-urban style. Very versatile, it is a favorite of athletes and a rising star of streetwear. Man, woman, everyone wears it, everyone loves it. From the sports field to the urban jungle, the Marcel is a must-have.