T-shirts et maillots de corps homme

Men's T-shirts and undershirts

T-shirts and undershirts made in France for Men

Your men's wardrobe would not be complete without these essentials: The Men's Undershirt and T-shirt. These classic pieces, made with meticulous care in France, are the foundation of any ensemble, combining style, comfort and quality.

The Lucien Men's Undershirt - Everyday Excellence

The men's undershirt, often hidden but essential, is one of the best-kept secrets of a successful outfit. Our Lucien Men's Undershirt is the pillar of this building. Designed and manufactured in France, Lucien represents the prowess of local craftsmanship, combining tradition and innovation.

The men's undershirt is not just a base layer. It is the promise of thermal comfort suitable for all seasons. It is a second skin that accompanies you in every movement with unparalleled elasticity and flexibility.

The men's round neck undershirt is distinguished by its composition in 190g/m2 ribbed Pima cotton. This choice of premium material ensures that this men's undershirt has extreme softness, resistance to pilling and durability that stands the test of time.

The Lucien Undershirt offers a stylish solution for those seeking the ultimate in comfort without compromising on style.

The Men's Skin Jersey is available in long sleeves or short sleeves. Adopt it to complete your men's wardrobe.

The Men's T-Shirt – The Signature of Responsible Style

The men's t-shirt is the expression of personality, and our Organic cotton T-Shirt is here to reflect yours. Made according to the same ethical principles as the Lucien Maillot de Corps, this men's t-shirt in organic cotton is the result of thoughtful design and careful manufacturing. With its impeccable fit and rich texture, it's quickly becoming a favorite for any occasion, whether it's a casual get-together or a more formal event.

Our men's t-shirts are designed to be more than just clothing; they are a symbol of your commitment to an eco-responsible lifestyle. The crisp white of our organic cotton t-shirt is a classic choice, providing a blank canvas for your stylistic creativity.

100% French and Committed Expertise

We take great care in the production of our range of men's undershirts and t-shirts, ensuring that every step, from fiber selection to final tailoring, is imbued with our commitment to quality and integrity. Made near Roanne, these men's clothes demonstrate excellent craftsmanship.

By choosing our Lucien Men's Undershirt or our organic cotton T-Shirt, you are doing more than adding to your clothing collection. You forge a personal connection with French tradition and expertise, with each product coming with the story of how it was made and the name of the artisan who carefully assembled it.

Unisex Clothing Suitable for All Borphologies

We believe in fashion without borders, which is why our Lucien Undershirt and our men's T-Shirt are designed to suit everyone.

Available in a variety of sizes, our undershirts and t-shirts adapt to your personal style, whether you prefer a slim or oversized fit. Our pieces can be worn alone for a minimalist effect or as a solid foundation under other layers.

Versatility is at the heart of our offering, with men's t-shirts and undershirts available in pure white and several other colourways, ready to complement any ensemble with sophistication. They are the ideal choice for the modern man who appreciates elegant simplicity and versatile options.

Une Mode Masculine qui Marque les Esprits

En intégrant le Maillot de Corps Homme Lucien et le T-Shirt homme en coton biologique dans votre quotidien, vous choisissez des vêtements qui ne manqueront pas de devenir des favoris de votre garde-robe.

Avec leur coupe classique et leur qualité irréprochable, ils incarnent le meilleur de la mode masculine, alliant l'élégance naturelle à la performance d'un confort exceptionnel.

Faites l'expérience du summum de l'élégance masculine avec nos maillots de corps et t-shirts pour homme. Enrichissez votre dressing avec des pièces qui incarnent le style, la durabilité et un confort inégalé, signés par l'artisanat français.

Retrouvez notre collection complète de vêtements fabriqués en France : nos débardeurs homme, maillots de corps homme, t-shirts homme en coton bio, sweat et pulls homme et nos chemises homme fabrique en france – il y en a pour tous les goûts.