The Marcel Box: a Marcel well in his armpits

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Mixed Men and Women

It's a real white Marcel tank top and a Marcel deodorant

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A 100% Made in France collab, a 100% Organic Clean Hugs Deodorant, a 100% French gift

It's all well and good to strut around as Marcel, all hair out, but the olfactory atmosphere "Return from logging in the forest" hasn't been done since the Paleolithic. Let it be said, one does not go without the other: on the one hand, the True Marcel Tank Top, ultimate and unvarnished symbol of the iconic male, of the other, the Déo de Marcel, emblem of modern virility, that which smells good and does not attract flies with vinegar. Because being a man today, an “Atomic Marcel”, does not mean showing off your peers and imposing goat pheromones. Marcel, who is not into flannel, knows well that deserved respect begins with unneglected armpits. No more nonsense. They wanted their freedom, they will have to be looked after.
The Marcel Box therefore includes a Real white Marcel Tank Top, a must-have in our locker rooms entirely made in France respecting a solidarity and eco-responsible process, as well as a Déo from Marcel, extremely effective, certified organic, natural formulation, without alcohol or aluminum, to be consistent with its principles. Developed for Marcel by the Clean Hugs brand, a fan of clean hugs, it neutralizes the bacteria responsible for the bad smell of sweat, while being perfectly hypoallergenic. All this with baking soda, 100% French artisanal manufacturing,  and a little elbow grease. Because it’s not going to happen on its own.
Le Déo de Marcel comes in the form of a balm. And then you say to yourself… how does a balm work? Quite simply with fingers and very dry armpits. Apply it like a cream and check the blog if you are not very comfortable with manual activities.
Le Déo de Marcel is packaged in an aluminum box with biodegradable labels. Because clean armpits mean a clean world.
Please note: this perfect kit for the modern man does not require regular washing for the modern man (not supplied).
Your Genuine Marcel Tank Top, 100% organic Pima cotton, should be washed and ironed inside out with similar colors. Do not use a tumble dryer.
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Do not wash your Déo de Marcel, even inside out. Apply if possible with Marcel (clean) hands. If you don't have one, use yours.
Volume: 30ml - Ingredients: Shea Butter*, Corn Starch*, Jojoba Vegetable Oil*, Baking Soda, Bassu Vegetable Oil*, Sunflower Vegetable Oil and Vitamin E
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