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Sweaters and sweatshirts made in France for Men and Women

Modern wardrobe essentials

In a world where style meets sustainability, the Marcel sweater and the Sweatshirt stand out as must-haves for the modern wardrobe, combining exceptional comfort, ecological awareness and versatility. Carefully made in Roanne, these pieces embody the excellence of French know-how, promising not only to enhance your style but also to support eco-responsible and supportive practices.

The sweater in 100% merino wool

The Marcel sweater, knitted entirely in Roannais and made from Italian Merino wool, offers a perfect solution for those looking for both comfort and performance without compromise. Merino wool, known for its ability to regulate temperature and wick away moisture, provides softness comparable to that of lamb, while being lightweight and biodegradable. This premium natural fiber stands out for its natural elasticity, resistance to shrinkage and ability to stay fresh and odor-free even in the most demanding conditions. The Marcel sweater is an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of wearing wool, without the inconveniences of the past.

The sweatshirt in 50% Pima Cotton, 50% Organic Cotton

Moreover, the Sweatshirt stands out as a symbol of comfort and ethics in the world of casual wear. Made of 50% Pima Cotton, the ultimate in its category for its flexibility and softness, and 50% Organic Cotton, this sweatshirt combines aesthetics and well-being. Its rise from sports wardrobe to everyday staple is testament to its versatility and appeal. The Bébert Sweatshirt stands as a true activist against global warming, embodying a fashion choice that is both conscious and stylish.

Impeccable quality

Each piece, the Marcel sweater and the Sweatshirt, is the result of a rigorously controlled manufacturing process, guaranteeing impeccable quality. The labeling of each item reveals not only the date it was made but also the name of the artisan most involved in its creation, adding a personal and grateful dimension to local know-how. This level of detail and transparency underlines the brand's commitment to more responsible and humane fashion.

Elegant and comfortable clothing for everyday life

These garments not only offer a stylish and comfortable solution for everyday life; they actively participate in the promotion of a textile industry that is more respectful of the environment and people. By choosing the Marcel sweater or the Sweat-Shirt, you are opting for clothing that not only enhances you but also contributes to a more sustainable future.

A casual look

The Marcel sweater is available in three colors and four sizes, while the Sweat Shirt is available in three versions, in seven colors and four sizes, offering a range of options to suit all tastes and all tastes. the morphologies. Whether you are looking for a piece to warm you up with elegance during your video conferences, or a comfortable sweatshirt for a casual vintage look, these creations will meet your expectations with style and awareness.

Clothing for a more sustainable world

In summary, the Marcel sweater and the Sweatshirt embody the essence of fashion that values ​​elegance, comfort and ecological commitment. By integrating them into your wardrobe, you choose versatile, high-quality and responsible pieces, which demonstrate your support for more sustainable fashion that respects our planet.