Tee Shirt en coton blanc avec logo haltère
couple en tee shirt mixte blanc en coton bio avec logo haltère
homme en tee shirt blanc en coton avec logo haltère
femme en tee shirt blanc en coton avec logo haltère

The Marcel T-Shirt

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Mixed Size

Mixed Male and Female

The white dumbbell logo T-shirt in organic cotton

100% Made in France, in Roanne in the Loire, in a Solidarity workshop

Introducing a new dimension in the world of eco-responsible fashion, our white T Shirt in 210g/m2 organic cotton is adorned with an exclusive artistic touch: an elegant “Dumbbell” screen print, created by the emblematic Lyon artist Kamel Yahimi. This unique collaboration fuses contemporary art with sustainable fashion, delivering a collectible that transcends the everyday.

Made with love in our workshop in Roanne, this T-Shirt represents the summum of quality and ethical commitment. It ensures a feeling of unparalleled luxury and comfort, while guaranteeing exceptional durability. Its cut elegantly hugs the silhouette, highlighting the delicate work of the “Dumbbell” screen printing which adds an artistic signature and unique depth to this garment.

This collaboration with Kamel Yahimi is not just a fashion approach; it is an invitation to wear a work of art, to celebrate the meeting between creativity and environmental awareness. This white T Shirt thus becomes a style manifesto, asserting a strong identity for those seeking to express their individuality through thoughtful and meaningful fashion choices.

It's the perfect embodiment of urban chic, offering versatility that adapts to all styles, from the most casual to the most sophisticated.

Make this embroidered T Shirt a centerpiece of your wardrobe. It invites you to live a unique fashion experience, where every detail counts and where every choice reflects a conscious and stylish approach. With this T Shirt, signed by Kamel Yahimi, you are wearing much more than just a piece of clothing: you are wearing a story, a vision, and a commitment to more beautiful and fairer fashion for all.

Wash and iron inside out with like colors. Do not use a tumble dryer.

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