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Le Déo de Marcel

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Clean Hugs Deodorant for Marcel's underarms

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A 100% French collab, a 100% organic deodorant

Ah that! Marcel knows a lot about the armpits, from all sides, of all genders, of all nations. Normal, you will tell me, he is always in the front row. As a specialist in “under the arm”, as they say in the profession, Marcel sees all the colors. From the slipper to the bobsleigh track, from the French garden to the punk squat, from the one who sweats to the one who doesn't get one, Marcel loves the armpit, and when you're born in a tank top, that's what can better happen to us. Yes, okay, but that's no reason to call Marcel out of favor. Fetishist perhaps, masochistic, no. A little respect is in order for someone who sticks to you so closely! Marcel therefore had the idea of ​​a little Deo with hair, just so that your love story doesn't go to waste because of a dark story of smell that isn't very clear. Because Marcel is not just a Tank Top, he is also a heart that beats, and a nose that has flair (and sensitivity).

Clean Hugs, for their part, athletes who know about hygiene issues and like clean hugs, have been offering natural, effective, respectful solutions since 2016 of the environment, with products made in France in an artisanal way.

Between hygiene and ethics, with Marcel, it clicked. Clean Hugs therefore created “Le Déo de Marcel”, certified organic, with natural formulation, and without alcohol or aluminum, so as not to alienate skin sensitive. The secret ? Baking soda, which neutralizes the bacteria responsible for the bad odor linked to sweat, while being perfectly hypoallergenic.

To use the Déo de Marcel Clean Hugs, which comes in the form of a balm, have your fingers and armpits very dry, then apply it as you would a cream. And if you really need a drawing, the instructions are available here

Marcel Clean Hugs Déo is packaged in a retro-virile aluminum box, with biodegradable labels. Clean inside, clean outside. Beautiful and good for the planet, like Marcel. But beware ! Marcel's Déo does not exempt you from a shower with low water consumption from time to time... You shouldn't push it either.

Do not wash your Déo de Marcel, even inside out. Apply if possible with Marcel (clean) hands. If you don't have one, use yours.

Volume: 30ml - Ingredients: Shea Butter*, Corn Starch*, Jojoba Vegetable Oil*, Baking Soda, Bassu Vegetable Oil*, Sunflower Vegetable Oil and Vitamin E

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