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Echarpe Bleu#couleur_bleu
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Echarpe Bleu#couleur_bleu_marine
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Echarpe Bleu#couleur_charbon

The Marcel Scarf

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Taille Mixte

Mixed Male and Female

The 100% Merino Wool Scarf, 100% Roannaise

What if the Marcel Scarf was THE solution? For everyday worries, we're not talking to you about geopolitics or endangered species. Whatever. Partly thanks to Marcel, the Merino Sheep have a few good years of peaceful grazing ahead of them. But for the rest… Need some sweetness? Marcel scarf. Is it chilly? Marcel scarf. Did he lose his blanket? Marcel scarf. No pillow? Marcel scarf. Sensitive throat? Marcel scarf (with honey). Is the aperitif going on? Marcel scarf. A motorcycle ride? Marcel scarf. Craving gnocchi? No, don't push. Marcel also doesn't repair an impact on a windshield (that's Olivier) and doesn't take care of your savings (that's Cerise).

The Marcel Scarf is already soft, warm, 100% knitted and made in Roanne with 100% Merino Wool from from Italy, ideal as a complement to the Marcel Sweater and the Marcel Hat. What more can we ask of him? Not to scratch perhaps? This is already in the specifications since Merino Wool is ultra-fine, extremely qualitative, naturally comforting, soft, extensible and not irritating.
To match all your outfits in style, and in particular the Marcel Bonnet, the Marcel Scarf is available in 5 colors and in one size. It is perfect as a complement to hot chocolate.

Wash and iron your Marcel Scarf inside out with similar colors. Above all, do not use a dryer.

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