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The Gift Voucher for a Marcel

Offer 100% French

We are never as well served as by Marcel. Except maybe by yourself, but in the locker room at  Marcel. So for all those undecided about a gift, those shy about a gesture that pleases, those wavering about the choice, Les Tricots Marcel have created the Marcel Gift Voucher. No more need to be torn between Lucien and Bébert, Marcel and his deodorant, Marcel and his bag, Marcel and his shirt... Let the lucky one choose, it's guaranteed to please, yes , but with 100% Made In France, ethical and responsible. It's very simple: choose a predefined amount, enter the recipient's email, and presto, packaged, it's weighed, he or she will receive their Marcel Gift Voucher directly in their mailbox. The honor roll, the hallelujahs, the toasts and the little tear in the corner of your eye are yours. This Marcel is strong…

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