Marcel's shirt, La Fabrique Hexagonale talks about it!

At the beginning was Marcel, without a collar, without a button, without sleeves... He only had his reputation, his history and the comfort he provides when it's hot. Then came his brothers with sleeves, short at first, then long.

Chemise à Marcel

After tank tops, t-shirts and sweatshirts, Les Tricots Marcel pays homage to another classic, very useful when the cold sets in: the checked mountain shirt, also known as shirt lumberjack. Very thick and warm, the Marcel Shirt, because it is called that, is a great ally during the first frosts. Made near Roanne, like all clothing from the Les Tricots Marcel brand, this shirt, or overshirt, is in double-sided brushed cotton flannel. Its soft and fluffy fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. La Chemise à Marcel is not only local, it is therefore also eco-friendly. So no need to go and cut down all the trees in the area once you have it on your back...
The Marcel Shirt, or Marcelle Shirt, since it is unisex, is available in two “shades”: fir green -mustard and navy-burgundy. And it’s a nice end-of-year holiday gift, made in France and retro as it should be….

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