La Fabrique Hexagonale supports us: Les Tricots Marcel are also sweatshirts 100% made in France

As the days get shorter, the sleeves get longer... And at Les Tricots Marcel, we understand this very well. First there were tank tops, in other words tank tops. This little sleeveless top, which gave its name to the company, is ideal when the temperature is hot or mild, when the evenings are mild. But it quickly becomes inappropriate with fall. Unless of course you wear it under a sweater, sweatshirt, jacket or God knows what else.
Les Tricots Marcel started by adding short sleeves to their favorite garment. These are Lucien undershirts… The small company from Roanne now sells sweatshirts. Intended for both men and women, they are available in black and gray. Special feature of this new product: it is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Better: the fabric from which it is made is knitted from cotton and polyester scraps, itself made from plastic bottles. All manufacturing operations are carried out in Roanne. These are therefore truly 100% made in France clothes.
Two models of sweatshirts that are both local and ecological are available. The first, called Le Sweat Marcel, features embroidery which, in the center of the chest, features the name of the brand as well as its logo – a small dumbbell within which two eyes shine. The second sweatshirt, called Le Sweat Bébert, is simply decorated with the same small dumbbell, but over the heart. These decorations are very discreet, particularly on the black versions, the embroidery being done tone on tone. Finally, the first name of the person who contributed the most to the creation as well as the date of manufacture are written on the label of each sweatshirt. A way of reminding you that these are local items, produced in small quantities.
In short, Marcel and Bébert are two discreet, sober, ecological, financially affordable and 100% made clothing items. in France. They are also warm, soft, comfortable and very pleasant to wear.

Tricots Marcel: tank tops and sweatshirts and accessories 100% made in France.