What to wear a Marcel with?

The Marcel, undershirt or sleeveless skin knit created in 1860 in the Halles of Paris, went from shadow to light as it fell the shirt. Very well placed on the scale of trendy tops, today it can be worn on all occasions, and shows us all the colors, as long as we wear it with taste. For men and women, in summer and autumn, the Marcel is available as the tank top called desire.

Débadreur Marcel blanc en coton côtelé

The Marcel: the most emblematic of tank tops

Since its invention by a zealous handler from the Halles de Paris in the 19th century, the Marcel has been part of all soldiers' packs, from the US Navy to the Poilus, later including the G.I Americans. In France, the Roanne hosier Marcel Eisenberg, from Etablissements Marcel, smelled the right clothing plan for men and mass-produced this cotton undershirt, or sleeveless t-shirt, giving him a name that would soon be on everyone's lips. . The first holidaymakers on the RN7 made it, like blue-collar workers, a classic of popular culture. Consecration arrived in the 50s and 60s, when high-testosterone muses transformed it into a weapon of mass attraction that left you on edge. While Marlon Brando is dripping with sweat in his tank top, the erotic tension of Marcel anchors itself in people's minds and men tear it away. Bruce Willis adds a layer, but above all no shirt, nor too much color. Modern Amazons get involved, from Sigourney Weaver to Lara Croft, and the emancipated woman becomes a woman in Marcel. Formerly known as the “poor relation” of a tacky wardrobe, the Marcel is today a must-have for a cool attitude. Elected Tank Top among tank tops. But then, what happened to make all the jeans, all the chinos, all the streetcars named desire? Style, Martoni, always style. Elementary.

Marlon Brando, Sigourney Weaver et bruce Willis en débardeur marcel Blanc - Les Tricots Marcel

The Marcel version of the man: casual fashion

For men, it's impossible to miss, the Marcel is to the casual look what stripes are to the sailor top, the basic. Yes, very good, but how can you wear it without being elected Mister Camping des Flots Bleus or reminding yourself of Grandpa Roro on vacation? By working with associations... of benefactors, to make them the king of models: impeccable hygiene, trendy color, shape adapted to your body shape (the thinner you are, the more adjusted the size, and vice versa), rather informal general outfit. In summer, the Marcel/Bermuda shorts or linen pants/suspenders/sunglasses/hat combo and a pair of sneakers, espadrilles or flip-flops is clearly the chic version of the relaxed look. In autumn, the Marcel can regain its function as an undershirt by appearing under a shirt (which will increase its lifespan by protecting it from sweating) worn with chinos or boyfriend jeans, whether faded or not, and sneakers. shoes, derbies or moccasins. In the evening, the tank top dethrones the polo shirt and easily goes into "dressy" mode: opt for well-cut pants, elegant shoes, a black or white Marcel, a shirt, a blazer jacket or a leather jacket and that's it. . All that remains is to let your magnetism work.

Homme en débardeur marcel coton blanc et chemise en jean

The Marcel version of women: top with high added value

Ladies, the Marcel is yours. And there is no shortage of clothing combinations to avoid the “gym” effect. Formerly reserved for men's wardrobes, the tank top, undershirt or tank top raises its fist with all free women who want a fashionable and comfortable look. To wear it alone, but preferably in good company, choose wide straps if your shoulders are, and thin straps, or a racerback, if you are of petite build. Simple, effective and casual, the cotton Marcel (most of the time) does the job in all circumstances without knowing the seasons, whether worn loose or close to the body: with boyfriend or mom jeans, denim shorts, high-waisted pants, overalls, a pinafore dress or even a mini-skirt. Combined with sneakers, sandals, sneakers, rock ankle boots, or even pumps for a chic touch, it gives you carte blanche on style. Worn under a blazer, an open blouse, a sweater with an asymmetrical collar, a loose cardigan or a pantsuit, it once again becomes the essential undershirt for the fall/winter season. Yes, but an undershirt that can be seen and worn with complete relaxation. While waiting for summer and the parade in broad daylight, the Marcel invites itself into the lives of women and is, more than ever, a basic that wishes them well.

Femme en débardeur marcel blanc en coton côtelé et chapeau