How to wear a men's tank top?

hommes en débardeurs Marcel Noir en coton côtelé

A man in a tank top/pants is handsome. A simple, effective outfit, without bullshit. With or without shirt, with or without muscles, the “tank top” or sleeveless undershirt t-shirt is the basic garment for a casual style. But the tank top look is an art whose codes must be mastered. So how do you wear a men’s tank top? Here are some fashion tips and tricks in pictures so that your outfit does not cause controversy and so that no man hears anymore, in France or elsewhere: “hide this tank top that I can’t see”.

The everyday tank top: a casual style

homme en débardeur Marcel rouge sous une chemise de bucheron à carreaux

In the large family of men's clothing, the tank top... is... a skin knit. That means what it means. In any case, this is what Marcel Eisenberg, creator of the legendary Marcel in Roanne, had in mind: a sleeveless cotton undershirt to wear under any outfit. If we consider the thermal function of this little car, top among the tops, often designed in noble materials (organic cotton, Merino wool, etc.), there are not too many questions to ask about the style of the beast... We will choose the tank top simply close to the body and in a neutral color, white or black, which will go unnoticed under other clothes, a shirt or a sweater, of which it will increase the lifespan. On the other hand, if you wear a tank top all sails, it is necessarily combined with a casual look and outfit. The tank top is casual and should remain so. Can you get married, apply for a loan or give a lecture on quantum physics in a tank top version? From a criminal point of view, yes. However, it is better to bet everything on him in less formal circumstances. On a trip, on a walk, in the evening, with boyfriend jeans, chino pants or Bermuda shorts, alone or under an open shirt or polo shirt, with suspenders, a sweater, a blazer, a parka or a leather jacket and suitable shoes... the tank top, worn rather loosely, is the ultimate sportswear style asset. As for the jogging/tank top combination... a word of advice: we make it official for sport and only for sport. Until the “casual chic” look separated them. No need to confuse the issue with poorly paired tops. Fashion likes clear messages.

Bodies - Tank tops

Homme mince en débardeur Marcel en coton violet

Or how to choose your tank top according to your body type? We often associate this undershirt worn next to the skin with tough men like Marlon Brando or Bruce Willis. So, the tank top would be part of the “private preserve” clothing for all the gods of the stadium who are a bit of an exhibitionist? No ! But there are a few fashion rules to follow. If you are one of the beautiful babies, this sleeveless t-shirt is naturally made to highlight your arms, your pectorals and your V-shaped waist. Opt for wide straps, a close-fitting cut that proudly announces the color, in solid and rather neutral tones to avoid overkill. If you are a man with a slim build, choose a fitted tank top, but not too tight, with thin straps and a round neck. Finally, if your figure displays some lovely love handles or excess gluttony, the cotton tank top is also made for you: you just need to choose it one size larger because the looser it is worn, the more it will benefit you. . Opt for trendy colors like gray, black or white. In short, the tank top is suitable for all bodies and all body types, as long as good taste is part of the combo. The brands have understood this well. Today, against a backdrop of chic sportswear fashion, they convey an ennobled and energized image of the more than famous men's tank top.

Do tank tops like color?

Homme en débardeur Marcel Kaki sous une chemise de bucheron à carreauxAs we have said, the cotton tank top goes with many outfits, but it is better that it is the only piece with a 100% sporty connotation. It will be perfect with jeans, chinos, linen pants, well-cut shorts, an open shirt (avoiding the shiny gold chain), sunglasses, a dress jacket, with sneakers on your feet, espadrilles in summer, boots in autumn… The same goes for color. If the sleeveless undershirt is today a basic of men's fashion, the least controversial colors to wear it remain white, black and gray. Either neutral, elegant colors, easy to combine and right on trend. Prints, texts and vibrant colors should be used with the greatest parsimony. We even recommend a real case study beforehand. On the other hand, nothing stops you from trying the horizontal striped tank top, sailor style, to accentuate the neat look, or even the blue tank top instead of black, the pink tank top instead of white, to personalize your style. So yes, tank tops like color, but be careful, slippery roads. And not everyone learned to drive in snow or dress without guidance. The black or white tank top remains the safe bet for a versatile wardrobe anchored in its time.