The official Marcel is, of course, 100% made in France

How many t-shirts, sweatshirts or tank tops have we come across in the street, which bore the names of American cities or universities in large letters, when they are not those of basketball or football teams from the same country?
Why this advertising for New York or San Francisco, for Stanford, Harvard or Berkeley, for the Lakers or the Chicago Bulls... Those who display proudly do all of these names have some unforgettable memories of these cities or campuses? Have they been fervent supporters of these clubs for years? Probably not. Are these clothes particularly original? Especially not. Are they at least pretty? No more…

Roanne vs. Malibu

Anyone strutting around with a t-shirt bearing the names of Lille, La Rochelle or Limoges would at best pass for a Lille, a Rennais or a Rochelais, at worst a joker. So what if this same t-shirt features Malibu… Why? Mystery... And what about a tank top on which would be printed the name of a modest provincial town, not even touristy, and the number of the department where it is located?
Well!, that's very precisely what what Les Tricots Marcel did, and it doesn't lack panache. The small French brand markets a collection of tank tops in homage to Roanne, once one of the capitals of French textiles, and to its department, the Loire. And, in this case, this makes sense since the famous Marcel was born in Roanne and it is in this small industrial city in the Loire that Tricots Marcel are still made. In any case, it’s more than a “Massachusetts” sweatshirt produced in Bangladesh and purchased in Paris or Marseille.

After all, Roanne and the 4-2 are worth Malibu and California!

The real marcel, made in the Loire

For its new 100% local product, called “Official Marcel, the ambassador of Roanne”, Les Tricots Marcel has, as usual, played on proximity. All manufacturing operations are in fact carried out within a radius of 5 kilometers around Roanne. Except of course for the cultivation of the textile fiber in which it is made... In this case it is Pima cotton, particularly soft and silky and cultivated without pesticides or other toxic products. The official Marcel is available in four colors – white, heather gray, navy blue and red – and suits both men and women, whether worn loose or close to the body. To each their own tastes and body shape.
And to prove, if necessary, that the official Marcel is not a tank top like the others, the date of its manufacture and the first name of the person who made it appear on its label. Tricots Marcel are not the first to take this initiative, but it contributes to rehumanizing commerce and the textile industry.

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