Le Coffret à Marcel: a marcel and a devilishly effective organic deodorant made in France

Le deo marcel
Marcel has broadened his horizons and is no longer a one-product man.
In this case the tank top, precisely. T-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts made in France have since joined the family. However, Les Tricots Marcel does not deny its popular origins, those of hard-working men who wear tank tops, because they do not hinder their movements. It is true that this little sleeveless garment has long since left the factories - or rather it is the factories which left it when heading towards other skies... - for the streets of the cities or the seaside. is no longer the exclusive prerogative of men, women having also long ago adopted it.
But let's return to the "needy" story of the tank top... Who says work means effort; Most of the time, effort means sweating. And who says perspiration says... No need to write more.
To remedy the problems of armpits and their untimely scent, the cosmetic multinationals and the big laundry companies have declined endless ranges of deodorants. Whatever their perfume, their form – roll-on or aerosol –, their brand, almost all of them have one thing in common: their virtual ineffectiveness. Certainly, they make it possible to hide for a while what their users wish to hide, but at what cost? The most chemical ones are bad for your health, while all of them generally just remedy the problem by smelling stronger than sweat. In short, they cover the problem, they do not eliminate it. Now, what is the problem? Bacteria!
A natural, organic deodorant, made in France and, above all, effective!
Because Les Tricots Marcel know what they are talking about, they market their own deodorant simply called Déo de Marcel, in collaboration with Clean Hugs. In its small, nicely retro aluminum box, this deodorant is a combination of natural ingredients, in this case shea butter, corn starch, jojoba vegetable oil, babassu vegetable oil, sunflower vegetable oil and vitamin E. Without forgetting the miracle ingredient that definitively eliminates the problem — bacteria — and does not just cover it: sodium bicarbonate. Miracle is the word, because all it takes is a little of this powder and a few drops of water to permanently calm these cursed odorous bacteria. Combined with the other ingredients, it becomes an organic, natural deodorant balm, delicately scented, devilishly effective and handcrafted in France.
For the holidays, Les Tricots Marcel offers a nice and useful pack composed of a tank top and a box of Déo de Marcel: le Coffret à Marcel. But you now have to act quickly to take advantage of it (order until December 21 at 3:00 p.m.)!

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