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Tricots Marcel: new t-shirts and shirts made in France

Autumn has arrived and the temperatures are getting in tune.

It's time to put away your shorts, t-shirts and tank tops and replace them with seasonal clothing. Thanks to Tricots Marcel, it is not necessary to change supplier.
The Rhône-Alpine brand has recently released outfits capable of protecting us from the first frosts and keeping us warm. And this whether we sport lovely pigtails or an elegant mustache.

Long-sleeved t-shirts made in France

Les Tricots Marcel is indeed marketing a new collection of long-sleeved undershirts, called Lucien. Available in charcoal, navy, heather gray and white, this long-sleeved t-shirt is a great replacement for its short-sleeved brother, now that the thermometer is beginning its fall descent.
Warm and protective, Lucien is made from 100% fabric. pima cotton — 190g/m2 — with fine ribbing, which gives it great comfort. These ribs also give it a slightly retro elegance and further add to its personality.
Like the other members of the Tricots Marcel family, Lucien couldn't be more local. All stages of its production are in fact carried out within a radius of 5 kilometers around Roanne. Roanne which, let us remember, is the industrial city of origin of the famous sleeveless t-shirt, the famous Marcel. Whether you choose to wear it alone, under a sweater or a jacket, this 100% made in France long-sleeved t-shirt is a modest garment that will quickly become indispensable.

Chemise bucheron

New checked shirts

And besides, why not combine it with the new mountain shirts created by Les Tricots Marcel. Launched in winter 2020, these thick and warm shirts are available this fall 2021 in three new plaids - burgundy-blue, khaki-blue and ecru-blue -, which complement the colors already in the catalog. Soft and fluffy, the mountain shirts made in France from Tricots Marcel are safe and comfortable allies when the days get shorter.
And that’s good: this is very precisely the natural phenomenon that we are witnessing at the moment…