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Winter according to Les Tricots Marcel

Homme, femme et enfant avec pull, écharpe et bonnet Les Tricots Marcel

Since their first models, in 2019, Les Tricots Marcel have continued to gain in thickness. First there were the traditional tank tops, which gave their name to the company. Then the t-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts… And now here are the wool sweaters. Like the brand's other products, these sweaters go to the essentials: comfort and warmth. And softness too, merino obliges. Les Tricots Marcel sweaters are in fact made from very fine wool, of Italian origin. Unlike other wools, merino wool provides both softness and protection, warmth and lightness. Once you put on a Les Tricots Marcel sweater, you don't feel heavy or constricted, but simply comfortable, comfortable in your sweater. Sober, comfortable and protective sweaters The model chosen by Les Tricots Marcel also has another great quality: sobriety. It is neither too thin and light like some merino models, nor too heavy and thick like others, “camisole” trend. Its sufficiently loose cut allows you to remain free of movement. As for its raglan shoulders and generous knit, they give it an aesthetic roundness. In short, the Les Tricots Marcel sweater is simply the sweater.

femme en pull et écharpe made in france les tricots marcel
Available in charcoal, navy and heather gray, this sweater goes wonderfully with jeans. Or with chinos, in canvas or velvet. Or even with dress pants, also in wool. Or with a skirt... It's a timeless, some would say a classic, that you take with you, in any season. Because we never know what the weather has in store for us.

100% woolens made in France

For winter, Les Tricots Marcel also offers a hat and a scarf. These accessories are made from the same wool and knit as the sweaters. However, two additional colors are available: rust and a pretty bright blue. Like all the brand's creations, the sweaters, hats and scarves are entirely made in Roanne, the city where Les Tricots Marcel is located. Practical for controlling product quality. Ideal for building special relationships with those who make them.