Roannais is exported

With multiple brands, Roanne does not remain confined to its city and its department. Indeed, Roannais is exported throughout France and beyond. The wealth of Roannais no longer needs to be demonstrated. The former cradle of textiles still offers pieces made locally, exported throughout France and abroad. Roannaise gastronomy also travels across the Loire borders thanks in particular to the Côte Roannaise vineyard, Bertrand Chocolatier, Fabrikathé and Révillon.

Domaine des Pothiers

In the heart of the Côte Roannaise, the Domaine des Pothiers is located in Villemontais. The wine business has been a family affair since the 1900s. The story begins with Blaise Pothier, his 2 hectares of vines and his livestock. Killed in the war in 1916, his sister and her husband Claude Paire took over the estate. Since then, this wine estate has been passed down from father to son.

Romain therefore succeeds his ancestors and has perpetuated the profession of winemaker since 2005.
The winery was modernized and the estate turned to organic farming then biodynamics. Romain now has 21 hectares.

Le Roannais s'exporte - Raisin

Key figures

  • 25 countries of export (Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and all countries in Europe),
  • Exports abroad represent between 35 and 40 % of its production,
  • 200,000 bottles sold in 2022
  • The North of France and mainly Paris represents 1/3 of sales.

Habits are changing, sales are accelerating in other wine-growing regions such as Bordeaux and the Côte d’Azur.

Romain Paire

Révillon Chocolatier

It was more than 120 years ago that Révillon Chocolatier was born in the 7thth arrondissement of Lyon. The company exercises its first know-how by producing balls of cream, praline, papillote and cocoa powder.

Until 1965, the folding of foils was done manually. The chocolate factory then moved to Roanne in 1971 in the heart of Roannais gastronomy.

Now a symbol of the Christmas holidays, the papillote comes in several flavors. You will also find fruit jellies, orangettes, coated hazelnuts and many others... For those with a sweet tooth!

A true showcase of the brand's know-how, the Boutique de la Chocolaterie opens its doors in 2018 in the heart of Roanne.

Roanne s'exporte - Paquet de papillotes Féérique lait

Key figures

  • 1 only store, that of Roanne,
  • Révillon papillotes are sold in all major French food stores during the end-of-year holiday period, in addition to being sold on their e-commerce site,
  • TOP 1 sales: the magical Christmas milk pouch,
  • 3.5 tonnes of papillotes sold in 2022.

Les Tricots Marcel

A warehouse worker who decides to cut the sleeves of his sweater and without knowing it, the tank top is born. Often worn by the forts of the Paris market at the beginning of the 19th century, it then took its name "Marcel" following its marketing by Marcel Eisenberg, a Roanne hosier and owner of the brand.

It then spread very quickly and everyone adopted it: men, women and children. This undershirt becomes a reflection of the textile revolution.

Since 2019, it is Thomas Sardi, based in Saint-Léger-sur-Roanne, who has taken care of transmitting his passion for this tank top. In the workshops, the seamstresses carry out the cutting and making in the traditional way, the spinning of which is carried out in Greece. Knitting and dyeing are done in Roanne and its surrounding areas. Looking to the future, this more environmentally friendly tank top guarantees you total traceability. Have style while respecting our environment.

Tricot Marcel fabriqué dans le Roannais

Key figures

  • The products are sold at 95 % in France and 5% of exports are made up of sales in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA,
  • 3000 items are sold per year, 8% of which in the Loire,
  • TOP 3 best-selling products in 2022:
    • The Real Marcel (with the dumbbell logo),
    • The classic Marcel edition (without logo),
    • The checked mountain shirt,
  • 10 active points of sale outside Roannais in 2022.

We are very satisfied with the loyalty of our customers because we have a rate of existing customers on orders recorded in 2023 of 25%. In addition, we have recorded an increase in turnover of 30% since the start of 2023.

Thomas Sardi

The Fabrikathé

The Fabrikathé has been blending teas and infusions by hand since 2016! The recipes created and made in Pouilly-les-Nonains are more and more numerous. To date, it offers almost 40 different recipes.

Their objective: Favor the short circuit for all their raw materials with 100% natural ingredients.

Acting in an effort to reduce his carbon footprint, Julien David, a great travel lover, decided to create his business in Côte Roannaise where he wishes to produce locally. To do this, he plants several hundred tea plants behind his company premises and would later like to reach 10,000. The climate of our beautiful Côte Roannaise is similar to that of the mountains of Turkey. It must be quite humid and the temperature must not exceed 30°. But the most important element is: enriching the balance between sky, earth and man.

Le Roannais s'exporte - le thé de la fabrikathé

Key figures

  • Between 180 and 200 points of sale in total including 15 in the Loire department,
  • Many points of sale are located abroad: Belgium, Switzerland, Tahiti, Saint-Barthélemy and Guadeloupe,
  • In addition to points of sale, the Fabrikathé brand is represented by several restaurants,
  • 20 employees,
  • TOP 3 products:
    • Green tea with mint,
    • Earl Gray Citrus,
    • Strawberry Raspberry Infusion.
  • More than 25 tons of tea sold each year,
  • 90 % of sales take place outside the Roannais territory.

We want to conquer a new clientele, the Scandinavian countries.


Sail Water

Stéphane Arti, business manager, has been reviving the thermal estate, steeped in history, belonging to the princely family of Qatar since November 2022. Eau de Sail is a unique and untouched treasure. A natural and preserved mineral water. This is firstly explained by the quality of the water coming exclusively from rainwater that fell 4,000 years ago and which only now resurfaces after having crossed numerous geological layers, which gives it its own minerality with digestive and dermatological benefits.

You can find it today on the greatest gastronomic tables, highly appreciated by great chefs, particularly those from the Roanne region such as Domaine de Champlong.

Le Roannais s'exporte - Eau de Sail à sail-les-bains

Key figures

  • 4 products on sale: 400 ml finely sparkling water, 400 ml still mineral water, 800 ml finely sparkling water and 800 ml still mineral water
  • Approximately 100 points of sale between restaurants, delicatessens and hotels,
  • 3 French regions stand out in terms of marketing Eau de Sail: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Ile de France and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur,
  • Eau de Sail is also sold in Europe via wholesalers such as in Italy and Switzerland.

Jean Ruiz Workshops

The atelier Jean Ruiz is one of the 3 factories of the Manufacture de layette et Tricots MLT group. In 2018, Karine Renouil-Tiberghien and Arnaud de Belabre bought the Jean Ruiz knitwear factory founded in 1984. This company specializes in the manufacture of high-end mesh. To put it simply, they buy yarn to deliver a finished product to their many customers, like the MLT brand that we find in Leclerc stores.

Sweaters, scarves, hats and even mittens are made in Roanne to be sold under different brands such as La Redoute, Intersport, UBAK (Roannaise brand)… or luxury brands like Aigle which exports abroad, to Asia through example.

In 3 years, the new buyers, fervent defenders of made in France, invested more than €300,000 for the purchase of equipment and the acquisition and renovation of premises. In 2020, the company obtained the “Living Heritage Company” label.

They continue to fight for relocation to France. The press talked about them a few weeks ago, during the takeover of Camaïeu. They wanted 100% French manufacturing. Camaïeu was finally bought by the Celio group.

Le Roannais s'exporte - Manufacture de Layette à Roanne

Key figures

  • 7 jobs in 2018, 15 today in Roanne and 80 within the group (in the 3 factories),
  • 60,000 pieces are manufactured in Roanne.

Bertrand Chocolatier

6 years ago, following various meetings, Bertrand decided to launch into the chocolate field. Little by little, he acquires the right gestures (controlling temperatures, working with materials, etc.).

Bertrand creates all of his chocolates from A to Z with rigor and fantasy, a bit like works of art. Through his creations, he likes to highlight fruits, spices or fragrances.

With his wife Émilie, he favors the short circuit and artisanal manufacturing without colorants. The decorations are made with fruit, algae or vegetable powders.

After opening a first store in Roanne, it is expanding by opening a second store and a larger laboratory in Le Coteau in 2021. In 2022, he crossed the Algerian border to settle in Lyon, 23 rue de Brest.

Chocolats de Bertrand Chocolatier à Roanne et Le Coteau

Key figures

  • 3 shops (Roanne, Le Coteau and Lyon),
  • TOP 3 best-selling products:
    • The domes,
    • Tablets,
    • The nib pepper pot.
  • 500,000 domes sold in 2022.

This list is not exhaustive, and still long. Indeed, we can also cite Maison Pralus and its 18 stores located throughout France which offer its flagship products such as Praluline or Pyramide des Tropiques. Roannais is exported to France and around the world.
Now you know that it is possible to taste a wine from the Côte Roannaise in California, drink a tea made in Pouilly-les-Nonains on a beach in Tahiti or even buy a scarf made in Roanne in Asia?

Roannais is exported!