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 Les Tricots Marcel offer a true renaissance to the famous tank top worn all over the world. Thomas Sardi is putting the Marcel back in the spotlight by relocating the production of this famous sleeveless knit to Roanne! Looking to the future, the Marcel tank top takes on a stylish twist. Since May 2019, Les Tricots Marcel has been offering its unisex tank top suitable for everyone as well as its other 100% cotton, 100% local products on its online store.

Marcel dans Society Loire Numéro 118 Avril 2021

It was at the Halles de Paris with the handlers that the legendary tank top saw the light of day around the middle of the 19th century. In fact, one of them decided to take a pair of scissors and cut the sleeves of his wool sweater which were hindering his movements in order to free his shoulders and arms. This concept seems to be adopted by a large number of handlers who can protect themselves from the cold while having unparalleled freedom of movement. Workers, farmers and even soldiers, everyone adopts it!

Marcel Eisenberg is the owner of Marcel hosiery, located in Roanne in the Loire. In the 1950s, he launched the massive production of this tank top and gave it his name: the real Marcel de Roanne tank top was born.

It was an immediate success. Indeed, very quickly, the famous sleeveless knitwear went around the world and became an essential fashion item. We see it on all the beaches and becomes one of the symbols of the first paid holidays. In addition to that, Marcel is invited among the greatest, notably Marlon Brando and Lara Croft.

Over time, the French textile industry and in particular Marcel did not resist its relocation.

Since May 2019, with a controlled throw of the dice, Thomas Sardi restarts the game. It is played in Roanne which carries within it the DNA of heritage and textile excellence. Find the entire Les Tricots Marcel collection on its website!