Roanne’s “Marcel” wants to take a step forward - L’essor 42 - November 6, 2020

Le « Marcel » roannais veut franchir un capLes Tricots Marcel, which relaunched the Roannais tank top in 2019, is diversifying into sweatshirts and shirts.

In a book on cult objects published by Editions Ouest-France, he plays on an equal footing with other renowned products from France. “With among others the Weston moccasin, the Lacoste polo shirt, we are in the middle of very beautiful brands”, welcomes Thomas Sardi. In January 2019, this forty-year-old from St-Léger-sur-Roanne relaunched the famous “Marcel”, which was once the heyday of local textiles, in a retro and high-end niche. Under the Tricots Marcel brand, the famous tank top, knitted, dyed and made in Roannais, is experiencing a real renaissance.

In addition to undershirts, its flagship product, the company has launched complementary products, manufactured locally, in an ecological and supportive approach: sweatshirts, made at Ithac (Riorges), shirts under the “La Forestière” brand, announced by December, bags. If the web represents 80% of its turnover, the company has also developed a network of points of sale in Roanne, Nantes, Brive, Vienne, Avranches, La Rochelle, Thonon-les-Bains, Nice, Carpentras and Cluny . “In February, we are going to do sales tours to densify our network of stores”, announces Thomas Sardi.

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