Comme Un Camion - The Marcel tank top in José's Christmas List

A marcel

José: "For many, the tank top is a summer outfit that you put on nonchalantly between two mojitos. Personally, I never wear a tank top in summer (mainly for reasons of tanning, and then because I don't like mojitos). On the other hand, it's now been two years since I adopted this piece in winter. In fact, the tank top is, in my opinion, the perfect option t3>to wear as a first layer. I particularly like slipping it under my shirt, since it allows me to get a little extra warmth, while avoiding revealing the collar (as would be the case for a t-shirt). This year, I discovered Les Tricots Marcel, a brand that makes artisanal tank tops. The models are thick (190g/m2), made in Pima cotton and made in Roanne! What more could you ask for?"

Arnaud en débardeur Marcel avec une chemise. Le débardeur lui tient chaud sous sa chemise l'hiver. C'est très bien utilisé en vêtement seconde peau.