A Heatwave Look by Comme Un Camion

It is with a little pang in my heart that I write this latest look imagined in Breton lands. I say pinch, because it’s also the last project we’ve been working on with , the truck’s stylist for two years. There is also excitement at the end of the season. I am already in a hurry to see the whole gang arrive at , from where I write my articles every month. I can, without regret, say goodbye to the early morning train times at Montparnasse station and consider reaching future offices by bike! For the latter with Pierrot therefore, I suggest who resembles me. An outfit with accents that take into account what France should experience in the coming days.

look canicule lin été coton

As opposed to my previous look, the clothes fall off, only the essentials remain. Coco Chanel said that “fashion is architecture: everything is a question of proportions” and while one can hardly disagree on that, I think it's easier to find the right balance with fewer items. And then, when the mercury hits thirty degrees, I happily do without superfluous accessories. Here is a look that will accompany a good part of my summer, and perhaps yours!

look canicule lin été rire

The basic idea was to get an outfit that allows you to breathe without falling into the holiday look. To achieve this, I cannot recommend enough that you pay attention to three points: the material, the cut and the color of your clothes. I started by choosing the pants, they are Casatlantic, a young brand created by Nathaniel Asseraf whose father runs the famous boutique vintage Broadway & Sons in Sweden. Casatlantic offers pants inspired by Moroccan chinos from the 1960s. The cuts are wide and it feels good. Already because it breathes but also because it’s much easier to structure an outfit around it! In this look I am wearing a Safi whose leg opening is 21 cm. Concerning the size, I am 1m80 and 70kg and I wear 30×30. The only regret is that the canvas is quite thick because I mainly bought these pants to use them over 4 seasons, but there are versions in a mix of linen and cotton!

Inspired by my pants straight from Morocco, I wanted to accentuate a slightly Mediterranean style (because I'm not fooling anyone with my milky complexion). I opted for the tank top-shirt combo. I see you coming, not everyone is comfortable in marcel! However, it has some undeniable qualities. The first being not having a sleeve – no joke – and therefore being less warm than a t-shirt! Yeah. The second is more stylistic. The tank top echoes the military wardrobe but also a certain American Sunday custom. And unless you wear it with briefs and flip flops, I wouldn't recommend it.

look canicule lin été casual marcel

So I opted for a top from the brand Les Tricots Marcel. I wanted something simple and that corresponded to my desire to no longer buy clothes produced in poor conditions. Tricots Marcel meets these requirements with this tank top made in France and adds a nice little detail with these embroidered glasses on the chest. This summer, it will be all hairy outside, and so much the better.

Let's come back to Coco Chanel who spoke to us about proportions, I had to make a choice for the shirt in order to rebalance this outfit half slim, half wide . So I opted for a shirt to wear loosely and into which the wind can blow. Obviously, if there is one material that finds favor with our eyes during the summer, it is linen! I fell for a model from Octobre, especially for its very successful color. I usually wear small in this brand so I decided to take it in medium to better meet my goals. The shoulders drop slightly, I can roll up the sleeves widely and the shirt stops at mid-thigh. Yes, it's wrinkled but who cares, it's linen, it lives, it folds, it's summer!

Those who know me will not be surprised by the tennis shoes that I wear. If I have very little affinity for sneakers, I am a big fan of canvas sneakers. For several years, I have been buying and repurchasing pairs of Novesta. The Slovak brand had developed these shoes for the army and marching in 1939. Although I strongly advise against hiking in them, they are my favorite shoes for summer. When I saw the collaboration between Novesta and De Bonne Facture, I jumped at the chance to incorporate them into my look. Originality of this model: they are made of linen! And yes, very well sourced Belgian linen which gives a more raw look to these slightly too sober tennis shoes.

look canicule lin été casual novesta

Let's not forget the precious sunglasses to combat the crushing lights of the heatwave. At the zenith, take out these Ray Ban Clubmasters! The Italian brand no longer has any secrets from anyone, but I would like to remind you that this pair is still made on the other side of the Alps. In addition to giving a very American retro look to my outfit, it’s a little nod to a film that I really like. In Reservoir Dogs, Tim Roth, aka Mr.Orange wears the same ones!

look canicule lin été ray ban

To finish, I wear a watch on my wrist Charlie Paris: the Bastille. A fun city girl, but which maintains a little adventure look with its bracelet that I chose brown and its small seconds at 6 o'clock. The watch is assembled in France and inside we find a Miyota 0T45 quartz movement. I appreciate its discretion and finesse which perfectly complements my outfit: a heatwave look.

look canicule montre été Charlie

Shirt October
Marcel Les Tricots Marcel
Trousers Casatlantic
Sneakers Novesta x De Bonne Facture
Glasses Ray-Ban
Watch Charlie Paris

By Hugo known as “the off-road reporter”, July 12, 2022 (article updated July 13, 2022)