James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sylvester Stallone (heart on him), Vin Diesel, Belmondo, Bruce Willis, your uncle Pierrot and… Mattéo. All of them are among the (very) many men to have debuted the white tank top with more or less style. Originally designed for the famous “Forts des Halles” which unloaded trucks – hence the name – it became marcel in common parlance, from the name of the “Établissements Marcel” which manufactured the part Roanne. And it is in the same city that we have found, since 2019, Les Tricots Marcel, which manufactures the iconic underwear in France. It is also from the catalog of this young brand that we selected the “Real Tank Top”, in pima cotton (190g/m2) ribbed, with a pretty stylized dumbbell logo . A piece underneath which, once summer arrives, is revealed. If today it is accepted that wearing a tank top is cool, it still has to be done with taste. To help you, the style team has put together three looks to help you know what to do with your white tank top.

How to wear a white tank top?

Look 1: American style

This Marcel, unlike Cerdan, crossed the Atlantic successfully. He wears a teddy in virgin wool for the long chilly evenings of summer, which we picked up from Kulte in navy blue, and a pair of Bellerose faded jeans with a straight cut that is important because, trendy, it gives a fashionable look to the silhouette. We wear it outside of jeans for this look, for a more assertive build and workwear old-fashioned, but we can also take it out if we want to be a mechanic daredevil Dominic Toretto. The same goes for the feet: we prefer colorful sneakers, but a pair of white sneakers will do the job very well too.

marcel blanc look jean baskets teddy

Teddy Kulte | Marcel Les Tricots Marcel | Jean Bellerose | Sneakers Belledonne

Look 2: Chicos le marcel

So we're not going to go so far as to say that you can climb the steps of the Cannes Film Festival or go to a wedding in a tank top. But for a stroll in the streets of Bergamo, a little cocktail on the terrace in Saint-Raphaël, an evening on the rooftop in Lisbon, it's perfect. How ? With a jacket between a suit and a work jacket in a linen and cotton taupe-colored blend, khaki chinos, a pair of boats and a cap in corduroy in the same tones. In this set of similar colors, our white tank top stands out even more! On the other hand, we wear it tucked into our pants, no alternative possible.

look formel marcel blanc

Jacket Hast | Marcel Les Tricots Marcel | Chino LePantalon | Derby Bobbies | Cap Ribbed

Look 3: Sexy jogging

This is the simplest look of this trio, but simplicity can be a paradoxically complicated exercise.It's all about the details. Here, a Tissot leather crocodile-style watch, chic, and notched rubber sole sandals. Two pieces that surround our “Real Tank Top” Les Tricots Marcel and a ecru herringbone jogger. It also works with fleece, as long as there are no elastics at the ankles. The whole thing is almost elegant. Yes, sir, elegant in a tank top and jogging pants!

marcel blanc jogging sandales look été

Marcel Les Tricots Marcel | Joggers American Vintage | Sandals Kleman | Watch Tissot

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